Best Time to Tour Ngorongoro Crater

Best Time to Tour or Visit the Ngorongoro Crater is all year round as the wildlife remains in the steep-walled crater. Moreover the wildlife does not migrate entirely as the region receives enough amount of rainfall that ensures wildlife has enough pasture to avoid migration. Your safari to the crater can be on a shared vehicle or private vehicle. There is higher number of visitors touring the crater during the dry season as from July to September peak season and again during the December to February calving season after the rains in November

During the period of April to May might also be the best season to visit when the crater is less crowded and the crater is wonderfully lush and green after the rains that take place from February to April compared to the dusty dry-season landscape.

In March, the plains are abundant in adventure due to the fact that wild animals migrate across the savannah plains. The presence of carnivores animals like lions, hyenas, cheetahs and leopards offers a life time adventure experience to the game drives since there are possibilities of spotting them in the action of hunting gazelles and other herbivores. During the period of the dry season, wild animals congregate around watering holes. They do not move away from the rich grasslands where food is in abundance thus making them easy to spot.

Ngorongoro crater’s floor has more wildlife since it is among the few destinations which give a sufficient amount pasture. It is the recommended period to tour since the weather will not prevent game drives as might be the case when it rains. In addition it enables different activities like trekking and hot air ballooning.