Mkomazi National Park

Mkomazi National Park is situated below the verdant slopes of the stunning Usambara and Pare Eastern Arc Mountain ranges. The park offers breathtaking attractiveness which possesses unique natural treasures and immense sense of space making the traveler more satisfied.

The Park is a wonderful 3,500 square kilometre remote and inaccessible game reserve situated in northern Tanzania. The park is rarely visited and not included in most itineraries though it has plenty of animals.

The Mkomazi National Park is a stunning wilderness; to the northwest you will spot Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Pare and Usumbara Mountains are situated on the south forming a dramatic backdrop and to the north it borders Tsavo National Park which is located in Kenya enabling the wild animals to migrate freely especially the herds of elephants, Zebras and oryx during the wet season.

Most people pass though the busiest highways of Tanzania, just a few kilometers way from Mkomazi without knowing what the park has in store for them. The travelers are always welcome to explore the treasures of this beautiful park which is home to large herds of giraffe, hartebeest, zebra, eland, elephant and buffalo.

Mkomazi is a very important refuge for two endangered species; the African wild dog and black rhino which were reintroduced into the park in the 1990s. The African wild dog can be spotted anywhere in the park as they are Nomadic by nature but the black rhino, has been restricted to a sanctuary for easier monitoring.

Other animals that can be spotted within the park include lion, leopard, cheetah, Giraffe, horned lesser kudu, impala, Grant’s gazelle, eared oryx and gerenuk. About 78 species of mammals have been recorded.

Bird watchers will enjoy their time in this national park, more than 450 bird species have been spotted here, among them being the cobalt, ostrich, doves, weavers, chested vulturine guineafowl, secretary bird, kori bustard, ground hornbill, Eurasian roller and other migratory species.

More about the Mkomazi National Park

  • The size of the park is about 3,245 sq km (1,240 sq miles)
  • The park is situated on the northern part of Tanzania between Kilimanjaro and Tanga administrative areas. The National park also borders Tsavo west National Park in Kenya. Zange gate is situated one hundred and twelve kilometres from Moshi, 550 kilometres from Dar es Salaam International Airport, 142 kilometres from Kilimanjaro International Airport and 120 kilometres from Kilimanjaro National Park.
  • It has beautiful scenery
  • Very exclusive as it is never crowded

How to get there
Mkomazi National Park can be easily accessed by road through Same, that is situated on the surfaced highway connecting Arusha to Dar es Salaam. On arrangement it can also be accessed through Kivingo,  Njiro as well as Umba gates. At the same time it can be accessed from the nearby tourist attractions. Charter flights can also be reserved to Kisima airstrip.

What to do

  • Walking safari
  • Game drives
  • Bird watching
  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Site seeing

The Best time to visit the park
The best time to visit the park is on the late June to early September which is suitable for large mammal and bird watching. The scenic beauty is as from march to June.

There are some semi permanent tented camps and basic campsites where one can spend the night. Other hotels and guest houses can found in Same town.