Shaba National Reserve

Shaba National Reserve is situated in the northern part of Kenya to the east of samburu and Buffalo Springs National Reserve. The reserve offers spectacular scenery which includes scattered woodlands, forests and marshes which are scattered throughout the reserve making it a popular destination for tourists.

Shaba National Reserve is a tiny jewel of a reserve in the north of Kenya. It is situated in an area of harsh, dry terrain that is part of the same ecosystem as Samburu National Reserve and Buffalo Springs National Reserve.

The reserve is home to the endangered Grevy’s zebra and the rare Williams’s Lark. The reserve was the setting for the book and film Born Free, Out of Africa and the reality show Survivor: Africa.

The Reserve was gazetted in 1974 and is being managed by the Isiolo County Council. Shaba National Reserve is situated east of Samburu and seventy kilometres to the north of Mount Kenya.

Shaba reserve is smaller than Samburu Reserve and with more riverine forests, which contains doum palms and acacia elatior. Apart from the riverine there are bushland, woodland, alkaline grasslands and open areas of lava rock which contains scattered patches of grass and shrubs.

Animals that can be spotted in the reserve include giraffes, zebras, klipspringer, hyrax, warthogs, Aardvarks, bat-eared foxes, elands, leopards, elephants impalas, greater and lesser kudus, gerenuk, oryxes, golden and black-backed jackels,

The reserve is well known for its large prides of lions, which sleep under thickets of trees during the day. During the night the golden and black-backed jackels, striped and spotted hyenas take over.

The reserve is home to some rare species such as the Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe and the endangered Grevy’s zebra. There is also abundant Bird life.

How to Get to Shaba National Reserve
The reserve can be accessed by road or by air to nearby reserves and then travel by road to the reserve.

Best time to Visit Shaba National Reserve
The reserve is visited all year round


  • Game viewing safari
  • Nature walks
  • Cultural dancers entertainment
  • Visits to cultural villages

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